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Our Story

Wes Kotys, Founder and CEO, started Kotys Wealth Professionals after having success at two large brokerage firms.

After nearly a decade between the two wirehouses, it was clear that these large firms reward you for the quantity of relationships you have, not the quality.

So, in 2007, Wes partnered with his wife, Sarah, who was an auditor for the state of Indiana, to build a company that emphasized deep genuine relationships with clients, delivered extraordinary service, and would help clients achieve their dreams through true wealth management.  The couple took a risk that this type of service model would be what some people were looking for in a wealth management team and jumped in with both feet leaving both their employers to start Kotys Wealth Professionals.

They had found the most rewarding part of the work was really getting to know the clients, what was important, and what place money had in their overarching life vision.  These details are what make the financial planning process and the way to manage money personal. Let’s face it, finances are very personal…it’s not about the account, but about what those numbers represent-a life of hard work, decisions made, and time spent.

Each team member who has joined the Kotys team since inception has the same priority.  The firm has committed to being in an evolution of always working toward the best possible client experience.  We are money managers that actually manage the money and provide ongoing financial planning because life is not static.

Kotys Wealth Professionals Promise

  • To conduct ourselves according to our profession’s fiduciary standards.
  • To be an unbiased advisor that puts your interests first.
  • To partner with you over the long term.
  • To provide cutting-edge advice on all investment matters.
  • To proactively minimize your risks.
  • To offer clear communication and timely education.
  • To exceed your service expectations.

Meet The Team