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Services We Offer

Kotys Wealth Professionals offer a variety of services to individuals and institutions. You can expect personal attention and professional wealth management.

Investment Management

As an active asset management firm, we run fundamental and technical analysis to manage risk and deploy capital into the areas of the market with the highest probabilities of achieving your financial plan. We believe in an active approach and will move to cash during volatile times.

Financial Planning

Our team of experienced professionals will assist in creating a personalized financial plan that will consider your entire financial situation – current income and expenditures, the future expenses you anticipate, and the things you want to achieve in life.

Retirement Planning

Our goal is to help take away the guesswork as retirement nears. Detailed financial planning and conversation will help make sense of retirement options including Pensions, Social Security, and Stock Options. We will help to identify and achieve your version of success in retirement.

Tax Planning

Nothing is certain except death and taxes. Everything in our business has a tax effect and our goal is to collaborate with your CPA or accountant to help you avoid paying unnecessary taxes.

Estate Planning

Establishing an estate plan as part of your comprehensive wealth plan allows us to build and protect the legacy you hope to leave behind.

Business Consulting

Kotys Wealth Professionals can help businesses make strategic decisions regarding their corporate financial planning. We will meet with you or key members of your organization to analyze the business’s financial situation, identify areas for improvement and develop financial strategies to help achieve the business's goals.

Charitable Planning

We can help you contribute to the causes you believe in and support. Kotys Wealth Professionals will work with you to meet your charitable goals while utilizing tax-efficient strategies.

Business Retirement Plans

Kotys Wealth Professionals offers competitive Retirement Plan platforms to business owners. We utilize cost-efficient investment options and provide ongoing communication to employee plan participants. Our goal is to help educate and guide individuals into receiving maximum benefits provided within their retirement plan coverage.

Insurance Consulting

Preparing for the unexpected is the best way to mitigate the financial burdens that may arise without warning. Kotys Wealth Professionals provides in-depth insurance needs analysis, acting as a guide in selecting the appropriate coverage necessary for ongoing security.

Education Planning

Our team will look to understand the goals of your family and will help be there to make sure you have a plan to achieve your educational goals.

Exit Planning Strategies

When it comes to exiting the business you’ve spent a career building, knowing what to look out for, how to structure payment, and how to think outside the box can be the difference in success. Our team has experience with various industry exits, understanding valuation services, and how to manage large cash in-flows after a successful exit.

Our Holistic Wealth Management Process Sets Us Apart

The financial strategies we develop are as unique as every client we serve. In this capacity we aim to add significant value by tackling our client's complex wealth management issues. Here is how we take the time to implement a solution for you:

Four Key Steps. Zero Shortcuts.


We Evaluate.

Our process looks beyond your current assets to identify what you feel is most important. We will discuss your past experiences, family values, dreams, and accomplishments – in order to compile an accurate, holistic picture of where you are and what your future can be.


We Plan.

Once we fully understand your life’s priorities, the next step is to assess any gaps in your financial situation that need to be filled. Together, we will create a living blueprint — one that adapts to change and life events – to help you accomplish your goals.


We Grow.

As the global economy continues to integrate, making the world an even smaller place, it has become more important than ever to have an investment process that looks beyond broad markets. We have a disciplined, rules-based process to guide you toward areas of the market which are most suitable for current economic conditions.


We Preserve.

In certain market conditions protecting your investments becomes more important than looking for growth. We will help you position your portfolio in a defensive posture during volatile market conditions. While growth is our ultimate long-term goal, Kotys Wealth Professionals aim to offer downside protection of your assets preparing you for the unexpected.

Do you have any questions about our process?

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